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eConf is an open source e-learning software, written in Java. It allows to easily record web sessions and has been used to record multiple computer science courses. eConf is an add-on to an HTTP proxy that is able to capture the web pages shown during the session and the voice of the presenter. The audio and the web pages are then synchronized to allow the students to listen to the recorded course. The current release of eConf is built on top of the W3C's Jigsaw proxy but any other proxy may be used.

eConf requires a Java virtual machine 1.3 or higher and the Java Media Framework (JMF)

The functionalities of eConf are:

  • Recording of the content requested by the teacher's browser (static and dynamic HTML, images (GIF/JPEG/PNG), Flash, ZIP, Postscript, PDF, etc.)
  • Recording of the voice of the teacher. eConf can produce archives of different audio quality (64 kbps voice, GSM, MP3).
  • Automatic archival of each course: eConf produces a synchronization file that reflects the synchronization between the recorded web pages and audio (relying on a subset of the SMIL format). The session is then stored and compressed, along with the WebReplay applet to allow the students to listen to the recorded courses, offline, with any browser. (other players could easily be added)

WebReplay is an open source Applet that allows to replay the web sessions recorded by eConf. It allows to replay any web session on any Java 1.3 compatible browser with the Java Media Framework (JMF) extension installed.

eConf and WebReplay are totally free and under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Information and news about eConf development can be found at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/econf/

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